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United States
19 and a first-year student in art school.

Current Residence: boring ol'Ohio
Favourite genre of music: anything that has a infectious chorus! But I do love me some R&B
Favourite style of art: cant pick a favorite
Operating System: labtop
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Shell of choice: pardon
Wallpaper of choice: Anything im obsessing over atm
Skin of choice: wut
Favourite cartoon character: Alvin (<3), Huey Freeman, Spongebob, Arnold, Aladdin, & Bart Simpson
My great-grandmother passed away early yesterday morning. She had just turned 95 last month. She was in the final stage of Alzheimers, and since the day before she'd been breathing real heavy.

She and my great-grandpa are staying with my grandparents, their daughter and her husband(I'm here when i'm not on campus). My great-grandpa,who's stayed with her day in day out, after being by her bedside all day finally went to sleep. My cat Toby would sit by her bedside every night after he went to bed, and if he sensed something was wrong he would go yelp for my great grandpa and get him to come see what's up. Well, my family says that around 3am that morning,  just a little bit after my great grandpa went to bed, Toby came to his door scratching and yelping for his attention, and led him down to her bed, where she had passed in her sleep. He didn't tell my grandma(their daughter) and grandpa until an hour later though. It was weird, I had woken up myself at 3:44, and strangely my room was freezing. I wonder if that's the time she passed. Maybe not, but, yeah. We think she had been holding on until none of us, especially my great grandpa was in the room. As soon as she was alone she just let go. Just to think that even though alzheimers had taken her mind and seemed to have taken her memories away she still sensed and maybe remembered the love we had for her and vice versa. It didn't seem like i was looking at a dead body, it was kinda unreal to me.  Tbh i thought that i was still seeing her breathing, but i know she wasn't..she didn't have a peaceful look on her face though, her mouth was twisted and hanging open. Made me a little upset seeing her like that. I wanted to give her a kiss goodbye, but there were alot of people around and i got shy. urgh.

I've teared up, but i have not cried about her passing yet, makes me feel a bit heartless..but i don't know..i am at peace with her passing on because she had been ready to for a long time. Even when i was younger, around 10-12 yrs old, she'd always say that she was tired of feeling pain and was okay with passing on. It made me sad when she said things like that then, but now, I feel relieved for her.
Now i'm worried about my great-grandpa, he loves her so much..they've been together for 73 yrs! Back when i was in elementary, and we had grandparents day, they'd have the oldest grandparents/and longest married couple, and my great-grandparents would always win lol. And when i say he rarely ever left her side, i mean he RARELY ever left her side. Only times he would would be when he went to bed, the bathroom, or an appointment. He was always right by her bedside, telling her how much he loved her. When she was in the hospital he would drive 40 something minutes everyday, regardless of the weather, to come be with her. And he's 96 himself. That, is unconditional, everlasting, true love to me. I'll never be able to think it doesn't exist,because i've seen it in them.
And now he's been diagnosed with dementia..i really worry for him. But we're here for him, he can be quite the grump sometimes to everybody(except my great-grandma of course), but we love and support him regardless.
RIP Nana.

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LenOdonnel Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Happy birthday!!! :D :party:
Dyel75 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
:party::party:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:party::party::cake:
I Hope You Have a Very Nice Day!!!:blowkiss:
Best Wishes And Greetings From Brazil!!!:hug:
LenOdonnel Featured By Owner May 17, 2015
Hope you had an awesome birthday!!! :D
melancho-lea Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Student
thanks len! it was nice. i hit the big 2-1. now im feeling super down. but my actual birthday was nice. how u doing lately
LenOdonnel Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015
Yup you're officially legal now, and allowed to do "Adult" activities. Feel free to meet me in the bedroom for your "present." lol jk... maybe

I'm doing fine. Pretty much the same old thing with me. Still putting up with these piece of crap classes so I can finally graduate college.
Why are you feeling down? I'll help if I can :)
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